Friday, December 19, 2014

Cerro Torre - Italian Climbing Action in Patagonia + Big Avalanche on K6 Video + Mt Emelius N Wall + Fred Beckey

Cerro Torre - Italian climbing action in Patagonia by planetmountain
Big avalanche on K6 video by Jonathan Griffith
Mt Emilius North Wall : All new routes of the post war period / Ten Part
Fred Beckey age 91 receives gold - A day in the Dolomites with Fred Beckey Video
Patagonia accident in Gripped magazine

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Alpamayo - from

Trango Towers fron

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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Three Teams Ready for Nanga Parbat + Camel Canyon in Sinai + Mount Rainier - Gibralter Ledges + Cerro Torre

Winter 2015 - K2 permit issues - 3 teams ready for Nanga Parbat by Raheel Adnan
Camel Canyon in the Sinai (Egypt) by Ukrainian new member at Summitpost
Mount Rainier - Gibralter Ledges - Ingraham Direct - trip report with pictures
Cerro Torre in Patagonia by Italians
New Rockies Alpine route : The Hole (in the Canmore area)
American duo of Alan Rousseau and Tino Villanueva go neck deep in the Rowaling (Nepal)
Nevado Salkantay in Peru - trip report with pictures by Sky High Andes at summitpost -- khomenyuk -- Ukraine and Egypt -- Sinai climbs -- New Member  --  Camel Canyon
Mount Rainier - Gibralter Ledges - Ingraham Direct by Alex Leone at Cascade Climbers -- Sky High Andes -- Peru -- Nevado Salkantay  Please log in  Please log   Telescope Peak from Panamint Valley

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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Wildcat Point and Cold Mtn + Windriver Chronicals + Fitzroy Ascent + Charleston Snowshoe + Skyline 12/13/14

Wildcat Point and Cold Mountain - North of Yosemite trip report with pictures from Leor Pantilat
Windriver Chronicles - Part 6 - Wanderings  - trip report with pictures from Summitpost
Fitzroy ascent (in Spanish as English did not work) by Kora Pesce, Damien Tomas and Pierre Labbre
Charleston Snowshoe by Ellen Colman at
Skyline trail - December 13 by Coachella Meetup group - 58 photos
Leclerk binge-climbs 3000 meters in the Canadian Rockies  -- Leor Pantilat -- California -- Wildcat Point and Cold Mountain -- North of Yosemite -- Bill Reed -- Colorado -- Wind River Chronicles-- Part 6 -- Wanderings  -- Fitz Roy -- Kora Pesce, Damian Tomas and Pierre Labbre atop -- Ellen Coleman -- California -- Charleston snowshoe  Please log in  Please log

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Monday, December 15, 2014

Skyline Trail Photos Dec 13 Meetup Group + Ultimate Adventure Bucket List 2014 + The Moonflower Video + 2015 Mugs Stump Awards

Photos/ Slideshow of the Skyline Trail on December 13 from the Cochella Meetup group
Climb in Patagonia - the ultimate adventure bucket list 2014 by National Geographic
The Moonflower Buttress testpiece video trailer 2014 by Sam Van Brempt
Desert Sandstone Climbing Trip #3 - Indian Creek, Monument Valley and Castle Valley
2015 Mugs Stump Award recipients announced - Alpinist

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Cordillera Blanca
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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Pollice del Sassolungo - Langkofel Daumen + Cactus to Clouds 12/13/14 + Pico Tordillo in Alaska Video

Pollice del Sassolungo - Langkofel Daumen by Silvia Mazzani trip report with pictures below
Coachella Valley Meetup group Cactus to Clouds after the snow on December 13 2014
Video of Cody Townsend descending Pico Tordillo in Alaska
After Everest and K2 sherpa women set sights on Kangchenjunga  -- Silvia Mazzani -- Italy -- Pollice del Sassolungo - Langkofel Daumen  -- Coachella Meetup Group -- Cactus to Clouds -- San Jacinto -- December 13 -- Slideshow

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